S. C./ S. T. CELL

1.Dr. A. Rajesh, Assist. ProfessorCoordinator -BC Cell
2.Mr. V. Vasu Naik, Assist. ProfessorCoordinator -SC/ST Cell
3.Mrs. Sk. Sarmas Sri, Assist. ProfessorCoordinator -Minority Cell


  • To provide higher education across the different strata of society, with special preference to the socially challenged groups, so as to empower them for gainful employment and cultivate a charitable spirit towards fellow beings in need.
  • To accelerate academic and social performance and provide other measures to the upliftment of targeted groups.
  • To provide opportunity and facilities to the targeted groups for bringing them in the mainstream.
  • The Cell basically helps students for their academic development.

The above cell will meet as when required and review all the complaints received and take/ suggest remedial measures.