S. No  NameCategory
1.Dr. M. V. Nagabhushanam Professor & PrincipalChairman
2.Dr. A.Prathyusha Assoc. ProfessorCoordinator – Journal club Magazine
3.Mr. G. Sadasiva Rao, Assist. Professor& HODCoordinator – News Letter
4.Mrs. J. Siva Jyothi, Assist. Professor& HODCoordinator – Just A Minute (JAM)
5.Dr. K. Vijaya Bhaskar, Assistant Professor & HODMember
6.Mr. G. Rama Krishna, Assist. ProfessorMember
  • Provide a platform for students to express themselves through various forms of writing like research articles, comments on current topics, literary/creative writing.
  • Encourage freedom of expression and provide a medium for exchange of thoughts and information.