1.Dr. M. V. NagabhushanamProfessor & PrincipalCo-ordinator
2.Dr. A. Seetha DeviProfessor  and HOD, Dept. of PharmaceuticsMember
3.Dr. K. Vijaya BhaskarAssist. Professor, Dept. of HumanitiesMember
4.Dr. P. SeetharamaiahDirector, Pharm.DMember
5.Mr. G. Subba Rao,LibrarianMember
6.K. RohithStudentMember
7.K. Sai AnasuyaStudentMember
8.I. Durga BhavaniStudentMember
9.M. Sai KumarStudentMember
  • To prepare a budget for books needed for the institution and forward it to finance committee to procure text books in adequate number well in advance before the start of semester in consultation with Academic Committee to give correct accession number  to the books procured and enter in record books.
  • To add more titles every year in consultation with faculty.
  • To enrich the library by procuring leading national / international journals.
  • To maintain the records of issues and return of books accurately.
  • To get the books bound as and when their covers are torn or worn out.
  • To prepare bound volumes of journals every year
  • To display new arrivals of books and journals for information to staff and students with critical and attractive review.
  • To preserve the college in news clips
  • To provide career development information, to placement cell.
  • To offer knowledge support to various committees.