1.Dr.M.Ramaiah,  Assoc. Professor& HODCoordinator
2.Mr.Y.Anil Kumar, Assist. ProfessorMember
3.Mr. B. Brahmaiah,  Assist. ProfessorMember
4.Mrs. A.Pratyusha, Assist. ProfessorMember
5.Mrs. M.SankaraBhavani, Assist. ProfessorMember
6.Mrs. M. Srirekha, Assist. ProfessorMember
7.Mrs. V. Jhansi Rani, Assist. ProfessorMember
8.Mrs. V. Mounica, Assist. ProfessorMember
  • Services outside campus
    • Career development (including sharing of experiences)
    • Advising in mentoring programs
    • Externship and internship opportunities
    • Job Placement programs
    • (General) networking (including presence on LinkedIn or Facebook)
    Services on campus:
    • Homecoming
    • (Free) training and access to various resources
    • Institutional development initiatives.
    • Transition programs (e.g. orientations, capstone seminars)
    • Community service programs (involving both alumni and students)
    • Hosting visiting students:
    •  Recruitment, Admission selections, Welcome and orientation programs, Interaction with academics, Knowledge management, and guest lectures