Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC)

The Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) has been set up in Hindu College of Pharmacy with an aim to strengthen the linkages with the industry and research organizations in and around Andhra Pradesh.  This cell identifies the industrial expectation and promotes institutional preparation for meeting industrial needs by facilitating sponsored R&D projects, seminars, workshops and various other industrial training programmes. Organizing such IIPC’s in institution makes an effective contribution to educational system rather than criticizing shortcomings which are expected by the industry. Industry Institute partnerships reflects in equipping faculty to latest practices and makes the students industry-ready by providing exposure to current industry practices, and hone their skills to adapt changing technologies. The primary focus of IIPC is to interact with pharmaceutical industries in Andhra Pradesh and extend the efforts in establishing partnership with industries across the country in near future.

  • To enhance and foster industry-institution relationship.

  • To facilitate industrial training for students, internship programs and students’ study tour programs

  • To encourage entrepreneurial activities among the students

  • To promote participation of industry personnel in the development of students knowledge & high quality student projects.

  • To arrange industry visits and industrial training for the faculty and students of our institution at B. Pharm. Pharm D and M. Pharm., level.

  • To provide technical consultancy and training to small scale & rural industries.

  • To take up joint Research & Development projects with the industries

  • Recruitment opportunities

  • Summer vacation internships

  • B. Pharm. and M. Pharm. projects/dissertation work in industries under joint guidance of the faculty and experts from industry.

  • Memorandum of Understanding between the Institute and industries to bring the two sides emotionally and strategically closer.

  • Organizing Workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the faculty and the industries.





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