The main endeavor of Placement Cell, Hindu College of Pharmacy is to get students placed in reputed Pharmaceutical companies, government Organisations, and the private Pharmacy sector. All students of D.Pharm., B.Pharm., and M.Pharm., will be Provided placement assistance, counseling for employment and self/Social entrepreneurship. The Placement Cell assures logistic support to the visiting companies at every stage of the placement process by making Hindu College of Pharmacy's infrastructure available to them. The Placement cell will act as an interface between the industry and the students, and will primarily enable the students to select from their career options. We shall facilitate the selection process of all the companies as per their requirement. The Placement Cell will liaison with corporate organizations to provide suitable jobs and internship for the candidates completing their studies from the Hindu College of Pharmacy. The Institution also conducts seminars and workshops to enable the students of Hindu College of Pharmacy to become successful professionals.

Placement Process

Placement Cell of Hindu College of Pharmacy helps each student of Pharmacy in exploring placement opportunities by inviting various Pharmaceutical companies for campus recruitment of students who are in the final year of the programme and are likely to graduate at the end of the academic year.

The final placements, at the Institute, are a result of very systematic interaction with the industry and continuous career counseling of the students. Right from the beginning of the programme, students are continuously counseled with regard to his/her career aspirations and options, which in turn is vigorously followed up with the potential companies for participating in the placement programme of the Institute. This not only helps the students in getting their 'dream' jobs but also assists the visiting placement companies in identifying the 'right' candidate for their organization.

Planning for Placement

The placement activity is primarily managed by the Placement Committee headed by Dr.R.Govindarajan, M.Pharm., PhD., as Chairperson with the help of the other committee members which includes faculties from various departments.

The Broad Activities Undertaken by the Placement Cell are: Formation of Students Placement Committees for final placement and also for getting industrial training and industry linked project work for students.

  • Pre-placement visits (PPV) to the companies.
  • Communication, networking and relationship building with the potential recruiters
  • Invitation to potential recruiters to visit the Institute.
  • Continuation of placement activities after the stipulated period, till all the students are placed.
  • Grooming and training of the candidates for the placements so that their chances of selection increase.
  • General follow-up, joining formalities and other administrative activities.
Institute Placement Committee

The placement related activities, at the Institute, are carried out by Placement committee it comprises of faculties from various departments of the institute. The committee is headed by Principal of the Institute. The placement committee is usually formed in the month of July.

Student Registration for Placement

Students who are in their final year and interested in availing placement support from institute, will have to register themselves for placement. Those who don't want any kind of placement support need not register themselves.

Placement Eligibility

Students who fail to clear the academic exams & other formalities at the end of course, shall be removed from the placement process and hence will not be eligible for campus placement activities. Any major disciplinary actions will terminate the student from campus placement activities.

Placement Process

Once an organization shows interest in recruitment from the Institute, the students are asked to register their interest for the job. An email informing about the job opening and its details will be shared with the student coordinators and placement committee. Placement cell will try to get as much details as possible about the job profile. It will be responsibility of a student to keep his/her resumes updated with placement cell. Once the names of students are submitted, student is not allowed to withdraw from the selection process.

Sometimes companies come for Pre-Placement Talk / Group Discussion / Written Test and the short-listed students are interviewed at the campus or off the campus. Alternately, some companies select students based on their CVs and may invite them for Group Discussions/Interviews at their offices.

Guidelines for Placements

The final placement is governed by certain guidelines, which are framed to facilitate the students to get maximum benefits. These guidelines are revised from time to time.

Members of Placement Cell
Dr. P. Nagaraju
Mr. P. Seetharamaiah
Mr. B. Brahmaiah
Dr. Sk. Fizan ali
Student Members

Ms. Lalitha Lavanya

Mr. R. Khadar Basha

Ms. Ch. V.Spandana








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