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Pharmaceutical biotechnology is a new and upcoming field which includes the principles of biotechnology that are applied to the development of drugs. A plethora of therapeutic drugs in the current market are bioformulations, such as antibodies, nucleic acid products and vaccines. Such bioformulations are developed via several stages that include: understanding the principles underlying health and disease, the fundamental molecular mechanisms governing the function of related biomolecules, synthesis and purification of the molecules, determining the product shelf life, stability, toxicity and immunogenicity, drug delivery systems, patenting and clinical trials.

Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology deals with concepts of developing new drugs or formulations derived from biologic origin particularly by the engineering of genome of mammalian cell or microbial cell. Department include subjects like Pharmaceutical Microbiology for II/IV B.Pharm (3rd semester) , Pharmaceutical Biotechnology for III/IV B.Pharm(6th semester) and pharmaceutical microbiology for II/VI Pharm D students.

Name : Mrs.J.Siva Jyothi
Designation : Assistant Professor & HOD
Qualification : M.Pharm.,(Ph.D)
E-Mail :
Department : Pharma Biotechnology
Phone :
Mobile : +91-9618655012
Date of Joining : 19-01-2018
Experience : 6 Years 1 Months
Total Experience : 10 Years 8 Months
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Name : Dr. P. Jawahar Babu
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Sc.,Ph.D
E-Mail :
Department : Pharma Biotechnology
Phone : --
Mobile : 9494152489
Date of Joining : 28-05-2018
Experience : 5 Years 9 Months
Total Experience : 5 Years 9 Months
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